Sunday, 19 December 2010

Best Of 2010 - #7

Arcade Fire - The Suburbs

I've never been a massive Arcade Fire fan, but I heard The Suburbs and Month Of May at some point earlier this year and became intrigued by this album, and I wasn't disappointed. The previously mentioned two tracks along with Ready To Start, Half Light II (No Celebration) and Suburban War are the best on the album. The others are also good, but it drags on a lot due to having 16 tracks, which is about three or four too many for my liking.

If I had to cut it down, I would take out Empty Room (my least favourite), Wasted Hours, Deep Blue, and maybe the outro, The Suburbs (Continued). However, they aren't bad enough to be boring; they're good tracks on their own, but the album does go on and on, and it gets slightly dull overall after a while.

Despite this album really making an impression on me, I tried the older Arcade Fire albums again, but they're not getting any better for me. So I'll leave them to the greater Arcade Fire fans, take The Suburbs and go.


Previous albums: Funeral (4/10), Neon Bible (5/10)

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