Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Best Of 2010 - #12

MGMT - Congratulations

This is what you call a change in direction. Turning from a pop-based album to a weird, psychedelic one is no mean feat, but one that MGMT most definitely have accomplished. I like mainstream music most of the time, but this one is as far from that as it could possibly be. As the bass line ascends in the opening notes of It's Working, you're instantly thrown into the weird and wonderful world of Congratulations. It does take a few listens to fully appreciate it, but when you do, it's worth it.

Other highlights include first single (of sorts) Flash Delirium, which weaves its way in and out of several different styles in the space of four minutes. Someone's Missing ends just as it's about to get going, but is one of the best here, along with 12-minute epic Siberian Breaks, which is essentially six or seven short songs combined together to make a masterpiece - the last two minutes of synth madness is the best moment on the album, in my opinion. Brian Eno is alright, but I can do without it, and I really don't like Lady Dada's Nightmare, but closing track Congratulations is a peaceful, calm end to one of the oddest albums of 2010.


Previous albums: Oracular Spectacular (6/10)

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