Thursday, 2 December 2010

Best Of 2010 - #24

Brandon Flowers - Flamingo

Solo records proved to be popular this year - but this one proved to be a disappointment. Out of the three Killers records, two were amazing and one (Sam's Town) was qute good, but this is quite dull, to be honest. There are four tracks on here that I like - first single Crossfire, the opening two tracks and Was It Something I Said? The others failed to hold my attention, and listening to them became boring. Maybe it works for the most hardcore of fans, but I have to count myself out of that group, as I was genuinely underwhelmed by this album.

Maybe it's good that this didn't turn into a Killers record, although the band working together may have improved these songs. When something new by the Killers arrives, I hope it's better than this.


Previous records (by The Killers): Hot Fuss (8/10), Sam's Town (6/10), Day And Age (9/10)

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