Sunday, 12 December 2010

Best Of 2010 - #14

Delphic - Acolyte

It took me a while to like this album, the first couple of listens didn't really interest me. I left it a while, then fancied another listen, and it hit home a lot harder than the first couple of times. The album slips up around the middle with Red Lights and Acolyte, both of which tend to drag a bit (the latter is 9 minutes long without a single noticeable vocal) but the rest are absolutely brilliant.

Quite a lot of the songs maybe go on for too long - 4 of the songs are over 6 minutes long - but then again, the best song on the album, Counterpoint, is one of those, and it feels like a good length. Other huge pop songs such as Doubt and Halcyon are up there with the best on this album. Other favourites include the calmer Submission, and the penultimate track Ephemera which is as weird as it is wonderful, despite only being 2 minutes long. The closing track Remain is not quite as epic as the rest of the album, but is listenable nonetheless.

Out of ten songs, six are good, This Momentary and Remain are alright, I'm not too keen on Red Lights or Acolyte.


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