Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Best Of 2010 - #25

The Automatic - Tear The Signs Down

The Automatic, in my opinion, have just gone downhill. Their debut album was fantastic; I had it on repeat for absolutely ages, and was definitely up there with my favourite albums of 2006. Then came the second album, This Is A Fix. It was decent enough, but didn't quite reach the same standard.

Then there was this. I heard Interstate and Run And Hide before the album, and I was looking forward to it a bit more. But there are only three tracks on the album that I like - the previously mentioned two and another one called List.

I understand that it's good for bands to take slightly different directions with their music, but to be honest I just don't like the way they went with this one.


Previous albums: Not Accepted Anywhere (9/10), This Is A Fix (5/10)

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