Saturday, 4 December 2010

Best Of 2010 - #22

Keane - Night Train EP

Not technically an album, but I think eight songs can be counted as a mini-album, and as it got to Number 1 in the UK album charts, I'm counting it. However, it's definitely not their best work. I loved three (Stop For A Minute, Your Love and My Shadow), liked two (Back In Time and Looking Back), wasn't interested in two (House Lights - which to be fair, isn't a proper song - and Clear Skies) but absolutely hated their cover of Ishin Denshin.

It is definitely an experimental EP, with rapper K'Naan featuring on two tracks, a cover of a Japanese pop song, Tim Rice-Oxley taking lead vocal (on the best song of the EP, I might add), and part of the Rocky theme tune making its way into a song. To be honest, the only song that is very much a Keane song is closer My Shadow, which is a brilliant song left over from the Perfect Symmetry era.

Overall, maybe it was best for the band to get this sort of experimenting out of their systems, but this album/EP/whatever you want to call it isn't particularly interesting.


Previous albums: Hopes And Fears (7/10), Under The Iron Sea (7/10), Perfect Symmetry (9/10)

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