Thursday, 23 December 2010

Best Of 2010 - #3

The National - High Violet

This was another impulse buy, the best one of this year (the top 2 were both anticipated), this time going on the strength of critic's reviews (although I like a lot of albums that got attacked by critics) and the amazing first single Bloodbuzz Ohio.

Bloodbuzz Ohio, Sorrow and England are three of the best songs I have heard this year. The latter is an absolutely beautiful song and it blew me away first time I heard it. Songs such as Lemonworld and Vanderlyle Crybaby Geeks took a few listens to get used to them, but they're still great.

The only song that prevents this album from getting a 10/10 is Terrible Love, the opening song. I recently heard a new version which is so much better. The album version sounds more like a demo than anything, and it doesn't sound particularly interesting. Beyond that though, the album is absolutely fantastic. It may not be filled with huge stadium anthems like most of my favourite albums, but it delivers power in so many different ways that give it the bronze medal in my top 25 of 2010.

I did take a listen to their older stuff more recently, but I don't really fancy it to be honest. This is as good as I think they'll get for me at the moment.


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