Monday, 13 December 2010

Best Of 2010 - #13

Pendulum - Immersion

I didn't discover Pendulum until this year, after hearing Watercolour on the radio. On my first listen, I thought all the songs sounded the same and weren't very interesting on an album that lasts over an hour. But given a couple more listens, you can appreciate the album a lot more. Most of the songs are catchy and memorable.

The only songs I'm not too keen on are Salt In The Wounds, which drags on for almost 7 minutes without going anywhere different or vaguely interesting, Immunize or Comprachicos. But the one that I hate, and seems so out of place on the album, is Self Vs Self. The album would definitely have scored an 8 had that song not been on it. I'm not a big fan of skipping songs on albums, but I have to do it here. Thankfully, the closing pair of Fountain and Encoder is just plain brilliance. Other highlights include the two-part The Island, the slightly heavier Crush and the fantastic The Vulture.

Overall, though, the album maybe would have benefited from a bit of a cutdown; at the very least where Self Vs Self is concerned. But overall, a good album, and it led me to listen to the other two, and this is definitely better.


Previous albums: Hold Your Colour (6/10), In Silico (7/10)

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