Friday, 20 February 2009

Yes, lyrics.

I have heard 30-second previews of each song, and here are the lyrics I heard for each of the 11 tracks. If you're interested.

Love Etc
You can probably hear it yourself here.

All Over The World
I hear it all around me everyday
In the music that you play
This is a song
About boys and girls
You hear it
Playing all over the world

Beautiful People
Give like beautiful people
With my beautiful people around
I wanna live like beautiful people
Give like beautiful people
With my beautiful people around

Did You See Me Coming?
Don't have to be a high flyer to catch your slot
The night we met was cold and wet
I needed a drink or two
I saw you standing there, and I knew
I'd like to be loved by you
Did you see me coming?
Was I that obvious?

... hurt you
I know the assumption is
That I'm tough with who I am
Well, that's enough
Even with friends I have to compete
And try being mean
When we walk down the street
It's not easy, by the by
Just surviving...

More Than A Dream
...could be better news
We can share
Something's coming soon
I hear it everywhere
(Live it) It's the story of our lives
(Don't give it) It's the way we've always been
(Live it) Though the mountains may divide

Building A Wall
More to keep me in
I'm building a wall, a fine wall
Not so much to keep you out
More to keep me in
Back there, on a bomb site
We were spies among the ruins
Such precocious barbarians...

King Of Rome
Inside out, I can tell the tale
Across the sky, the change of time
Last night I...

I love you really
Though I know no one believes me
There's chaos everytime we meet
Oh no, what have you gone and done?
You're creating pandemonium
That song you sing means everything to me
I'm living in ecstasy
The stars and the sun, dance to your drum
And now - it's pandemonium.

The Way It Used To Be
What is left of love?
Tell me, who will even care?
So much time has passed
I still meet you anywhere
Water under bridge, evening after day
What is left of love?...

.. high speed trains take us away
North or south, and back the same day
And you, you get over it, you do, you get over it...

Monday, 16 February 2009

Single Review: The Enemy - No Time For Tears

Title: No Time For Tears
Artist: The Enemy
Album: Music For The People

Again, a song I heard on the radio, but is not due out until 13th April.
You can hear it on Xfm here.

It sounds epic, built for Glastonbury or Leedsfest, or generally live shows. And the chorus of "We're gonna get out the city, we're gonna get out the way, we've got cash in the kitty..." makes it sound even more epic. Four and a half minutes of the Enemy at their peak.

SCORE: 9/10

Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Single Review: Pet Shop Boys: Love, etc.

Name: Love, etc.
Artist: Pet Shop Boys
Album: Yes

OK, so it's a bit early to be reviewing a single that isn't due out until the 16th of next month, but I heard it on the radio, so thought I might as well.

This song proves that the Pet Shop Boys, at the moment, still have a great capability for making great music. Their Brit Award (due to be presented on Wednesday of next week) is well deserved. A truly catchy song, with a chorus rabble singing "Don't have to [choose word from the following: be, drive, buy, have]" about eight times, with Neil Tennant of course finishing the sentence. The beat is catchy, it sounds like proper Pet Shop Boys, it's great.

Can't wait to see what the album sounds like.

SCORE: 9/10

Saturday, 7 February 2009

Album Review: The View - Which Bitch?

Album: Which Bitch?
Artist: The View
Singles: 5 Rebbeccas, Shock Horror

The View's first album, Hats Off To The Buskers, was truly brilliant. The Scottish group have come back with a second album that is equally as brilliant, while exploring some more diverse and experimental sounds, from a classical-sounding Distant Doubloon to screaming at the end of Shock Horror, to the folk sound in Realisation.


An odd way to start the album, especially since the original Typical Time was half a minute long and placed at the end as a hidden track for their debut. This version is a whole minute longer, and has different lyrics. Wow.


The complete opposite to their opening song, the lead single is furious and a truly great View song. Best on the album.


I'm not joking, this one sounds like Kyle is rapping. (Don't worry, it's good!) with a rousing chorus, "You can shout it from a rooftop!" The song then segues into...


Just like the title says, this song is quite unexpected. It's led by violins and has no, if not very little drumming, and just basic backing guitar. Not very View-like, but still a good song.


Contrary to the previous song, this is much more View-like. For example, it has a good guitar part leading the song in, making it sound like true indie. Until the chanting towards the middle. Unexpected again. Nevertheless, this should be a single.


Starting off with some more chanting, yet another new sound from The View, but half a minute later we're back to the quick-paced guitar and drums. This song is also excellent.


After almost a minute of classical sounds with violin and piano, this turns into quite a bouncy song. In summary: Very new. Very odd. Very good.


And back to true View style. A song whose beat makes you want to clap along. It even has a trumpet backing it, and the guitar part is as good as ever.

COVERS (feat. Paolo Nutini)

An unexpected duet. But it works well. Again - the drummer's taken a holiday, and a trumpeter has been brought in. But as is the case for practically every song on this album, the new sounds work well every time.


A great song, particularly towards the end, where the key change subtly moves in, and Kyle's high-pitched vocals here make the song sound epic. "Double yellow lines by the side of the road, take me home tonight!"


Featuring some untuneful screaming (which makes the song work better, for some obscure reason), this is finally a 100% "old View" song. Fast, furious and fantastic. The same cannot be said, unfortunately, for:


Seriously, a folk song? This is out of place on this album, and it's not that good a song. It doesn't work.


A six-minute epic whose first 30 seconds make it sound like a true old-school guitar solo, and it gets better. Featuring female backing vocals, this song gets quite catchy as it goes on.


This ends the album off in style. A great finale. It's slow but catchy, and has more female vocals, harmonising together for the chorus, it sounds great. However, the album carries on with a bit of talking and then some pointless sounds followed by random guitar at about 5:20. Seriously - they should have stopped at the end of Gem Of A Bird.

For the record, their previous albums: Hats Off To The Buskers (7/10)