Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Best Of 2010 - #11

Kele - The Boxer

The second of the two solo albums I heard this year. Bloc Party's lead singer has taken on electronic music and it's worked, more or less. From the pounding opening beat of Walk Tall to the sense of happiness that runs throughout closing track Yesterday's Gone, the album runs through several different ideas and keeps it fresh.

The best songs are Tenderoni and Rise, which are both almost dance music, and the penultimate track All The Things I Could Never Say, which is absolutely stunning. I don't care much for Unholy Thoughts, The New Rules or Yesterday's Gone but they're still relatively decent tracks.

That said, now Kele has got this off his chest, I'm still hoping for a Bloc Party comeback.


Previous albums (Bloc Party): Silent Alarm (7/10), A Weekend In The City (7/10), Intimacy (10/10)

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