Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Best Of 2010 - #19

Gorillaz - Plastic Beach

The third album from Gorillaz actually was quite good for me, but I felt it was far too long. I really liked ten out of the first eleven tracks, but beyond Broken, the album starts to go downhill. If the album had consisted of the first eleven tracks and maybe a better closer than Pirate Jet, then it would have scored a lot higher than what I ended up giving it.

However, there are some brilliant tracks on here: the first single Stylo, the wonderfully weird Glitter Freeze, the beautiful Empire Ants and the relaxing On Melancholy Hill are all Gorillaz on top form.

When it comes down to it, I love four or five of the songs, like six or seven more, and don't really like the last five tracks. But maybe Gorillaz aren't really my thing.


Previous albums: Gorillaz (4/10), Demon Days (7/10)

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