Sunday, 5 December 2010

Best Of 2010 - #21

Hot Chip - One Life Stand

I have quite a few Hot Chip songs in my music collection, but not an album, so I decided to listen to this one, but it didn't really get to me as much as I'd hoped. I enjoyed the first single of the same name as the album (One Life Stand), and on getting the album, the first three tracks on it were equally as good.

But after One Life Stand, the album goes downhill. Tracks five and six, Brothers and Slush, sound slightly ridiculous (particularly the opening vocal on the latter) but I still liked them, but the others just were simply uninteresting. Penultimate song Keep Quiet is the only one I liked out of the last four, but it remains one of the worst on the album.

Think I'll stick to just listening to their best songs rather than their albums.


Previous albums: Coming On Strong (no review), The Warning (no review), Made In The Dark (no review)

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