Thursday, 27 December 2012

Hadouken! - Every Weekend



01. The Vortex
02. Levitate
03. Bliss Out
04. As One
05. Parasite
06. Bad Signal
07. Stop Time
08. Spill Your Guts
09. The Comedown
10. Daylight

The album will be released on 18th March. It has spawned three singles so far; Parasite, Bad Signal and Daylight. Bliss Out has also been released on FIFA 13. Levitate and As One have been played live as well.

There is one song that remains unaccounted for, and that is Vessel, which was played live but apparently won't be released on the album.

Lastly, here's an album minimix, containing (in order, as far as I can tell): The Vortex, As One, Stop Time, Comedown, and Spill Your Guts.

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