Thursday, 13 December 2012

Best Of 2012: #13

#13 - Heretics - Wealth = Success

I don't really watch out for many new bands, which maybe I should, but occasionally one pops up, usually courtesy of another, more well-known band. Heretics are one such band. Dealing in dark, electronic music, the band - well, duo - have a knack for creating melodies and choruses that could make a decent impact - if they were better known! I reviewed this album in full earlier this year; and this what I wrote: "I don't think this one completely measures up to the duo's debut - it's still a very good album, but there's something missing on a few of the tracks this time round. However, they should be commended for being more experimental and trying out a few different styles of song - the instrumentals (Battle and Silence) and even parts of songs that go without vocals (the endings of Strangers or Ambition, for example) are some of the best things they've created. That's not to say the vocals aren't good, they fit the mood of the album perfectly. Overall, still going strong!" And I keep that opinion.

RECOMMEND: Roulette, Obscurity, Ambition
LOW POINTS: Engineer, Life Like This

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