Sunday, 9 December 2012

Best Of 2012: #17

#17 - Neon Trees - Picture Show

This band feels like they haven't been around very long, and are already way into the era of their second album; but then again, the UK release of their first one was only March last year! So this one seems like a very quick follow-up, when in reality it's not. Anyway, irrelevant thoughts aside, this one embraces a far wider sound than its predecessor, and results in both highs and lows... Luckily this one came out during a time when I thought I had time to write reviews; so here's what I said in April:
"The band should definitely be commended from breaking out of the limited range of styles and sounds that Habits had - there's definitely more experimentation here - but some of the songs just don't quite work as well as the others. There's definitely no 'Animal' or '1983' here, but maybe that's a good thing. The 80s style definitely shines around the middle of the album, providing us with the album's highlight, Trust. The vocals are very well done, but not when they descend into "la-la-la"s or even Mad Love's "really, really, really..." section. Overall, though, it's about on par with Habits - despite being less consistent in terms of both quality and styles." And that has remained pretty much the same ever since. However, one song has grown on me massively.... the epic Still Young.

RECOMMEND: Moving In The Dark, Trust, Still Young
LOW POINTS: Weekend, Close To You

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