Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Best Of 2012: #15

#15 - The Twang - 10:20

If nothing, at least The Twang are consistent. All their albums are filled with catchy tunes, none more so than this one, but never really stray too far from a defined sound, although the lyrics have improved quite a lot from their debut's slightly cringey rants about neighbours! 10:20, named after an angry note the band found taped to their studio (immortalised in the album's artwork) due to (another!) unhappy neighbour, is filled with the band's best tunes yet. Take Mainline, with its massive statement of a chorus: 'You ain't got nothing if you ain't got love', or Last Laugh, with its fantastic opening riff - that unfortunately doesn't really pop up again. A lot of songs were released long before this one; the obvious single We're A Crowd; Paradise, which also has a great riff to kick it all off; and a couple songs off an early 2011 EP - Guapa, with its subtler, more peaceful verses and then a punch to the face with the chorus, and Whoa Man, perhaps the lightest moment on the record, and the shortest (not counting intro track Neptune). But generally, the best of The Twang's three albums, but they have yet to create an absolutely outstanding record - all of their output so far would probably get around the same rating from me.

RECOMMEND: Mainline, We're A Crowd, Last Laugh
LOW POINTS: Take This On, Strangers

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