Saturday, 8 December 2012

Best Of 2012: #18

#18 - Hot Chip - In Our Heads

I'll admit to not being the biggest Hot Chip fan in the world; but I do like to listen to their output occasionally. This album is quirky in all the right places, none more so than the baffling first single Night And Day (the bridge rhymes Abba, jibber jabber, Macca and Aiya Napa for heaven's sake!). Slightly different from your average pop songs! All the songs are at least four minutes long, and yet they don't get old. The biggest ones are Flutes, which is a decent chill-out tune, and Let Me Be Him - which is an absolutely incredible song. Hitting almost eight minutes, the song is dark, slow and sad to start with, slowly building up, but seeming fairly middle-of-the-road... and then BOOM! EPIC CHORUS! The goosebumps kick in with the "oh-oh-oh-heeeey-oh"s... After another round of verse and chorus, we're treated to this atmospheric closing as vocals float over the top. If nothing else, the album is worth listening to just to get to that song.

RECOMMEND: Motion Sickness, Night And Day, Let Me Be Him
LOW POINTS: Look At Where We Are, Now There Is Nothing

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