Saturday, 15 December 2012

Best Of 2012: #11

#11 - Morning Parade - Morning Parade

Stumbling upon this band in late 2010, with their tracks Under The Stars and A&E (the latter of which is not on here - criminally!), I couldn't wait for a debut album. Rumours circled, until finally it came out in March this year. But it was worth the wait. This was one of the albums I reviewed early on in the year, when I could still be bothered with full-on reviews! Here's what the summary said: "It's undoubtedly all been done before, and even the band sound like they didn't have a wide range of ideas, as the album does drag a little at times. Still, they move sounds quite a bit, from guitar to piano to synths taking point on the various tracks. And you can't deny they have a way with choruses. These guys have the potential to really make it big, even in a world where guitar music is being suppressed by all the rubbish that dominates the charts. All they need now is a few more exciting ideas, and bingo." And nine months later, all of that really still rings true - the choruses are all monsters, but the sound is not massively new. I don't particularly need innovation to enjoy music, but it does add a little bit of value!

RECOMMEND: Carousel, Us And Ourselves, Born Alone
LOW POINTS: Close To Your Heart, Speechless

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