Saturday, 1 December 2012

Best Of 2012: #25

#25 - Man Without Country - Foe

So, we begin the countdown with a debut album! And a fine piece of work it is too. Filled with peaceful, ethereal synth-based music, this is certainly one to listen to if you want to chill out. Highlights include the single Puppets, which boasts a fantastic chorus, and the epic six-and-a-half-minute Ebb And Flow. Almost all the songs set your mind wandering on a journey. The only qualm with it is that it is very similar the whole way through, and towards the end it does begin to get a little dull, particuarly on the seven-minute Parity. But generally, a good start for the Welsh duo.

RECOMMEND: Foe, Puppets, Ebb And Flow
LOW POINTS: Closet Addicts Anonymous, Parity

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