Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Best Of 2012: #14

#14 - Metric - Synthetica

I got into Metric with their previous album Fantasies; and then proceeded to work backwards through their older stuff, and found nothing that took my fancy - so hoped that their fifth album (this one) would provide some more gems. And happily, it did. Taking a far more electronic direction for this album, as maybe the title would suggest, the band pours all their experience, and the ability of their main songwriter and singer Emily Haines, into the pot to create several fantastic pieces of music. From the straight-to-the-point opening line of Artificial Nocturne - 'I'm just as fucked up as they say' - through to the bouncy first single Youth Without Youth, and onwards, speeding, twisting and turning towards the epic soundscape of closer Nothing But Time, the album never really lets up. The other highlights include Lost Kitten, with its slight seductive charm (or maybe just annoying for some people) or the title track, which is probably the rockiest song on the album. But overall, an improvement on Fantasies, and hopefully I will stay with Metric from here on out!

RECOMMEND: Artifical Nocturne, Lost Kitten, Synthetica
LOW POINTS: The Void, Clone

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