Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Best Of 2012: #21

#21 - Feeder - Generation Freakshow

The frustrating thing about Feeder for me is that they have yet to release an album that is filled with songs that I like, not just a majority. There's always filler, even after eight albums. Additionally, the seventh (Renegades) passed me by completely, but that one is not the greatest entry in their history. Right, so little rant aside, Generation Freakshow again has some fantastic tracks ready to stand up against the likes of Just A Day or Buck Rogers. The opening quartet of songs, for example - kicking straight into Oh My, carrying on through to the single Borders, and following up with two further big, rock songs in Idaho and Hey Johnny. The filler kicks in for a bit before coming to another gold mine of songs - starting with Tiny Minds, one of the greater songs on the album. So, in summary, all it would have taken would be a few cuts and maybe one or two better songs, and this would be playing right up at the top of my top 25!

RECOMMEND: Oh My, Borders, Tiny Minds
LOW POINTS: Quiet, Fools Can't Sleep

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