Monday, 10 December 2012

Best Of 2012: #16

#16 - The Vaccines - The Vaccines Come Of Age

Talk about a quick follow-up album! Less than 18 months since their debut, The Vaccines have gone a bit more mature (as the title might suggest), and gone in a slightly wider direction than their debut, and has worked, but I still think the first one was better. But the guitar tunes are still all there; there's no If You Wanna or Post Break-Up Sex on here, but still has some almost reaching those lofty heights. Take Teenage Icon, for example. It may be the most similar to the songs from the first album, but still will want to make you move. The reverb around singer Justin Young's vocals have also been removed, and he sounds more confident for it; especially on tracks such as All In Vain or Aftershave Ocean (which is a fantastic title for a song!) Admittedly, the album does trail off a bit towards the end; Change Of Heart Pt. 2 and I Wish I Was A Girl are decent enough, but feel a little bit like filler, and Lonely World is just boring - it seems like they wanted to redo a sort of Family Friend-type ending again, but failed. But that's really the only issue I have with the album. Just take the opening trio of songs - No Hope through I Always Knew to Teenage Icon - and you'll be hooked. Probably.

RECOMMEND: I Always Knew, Teenage Icon, Ghost Town
LOW POINTS: Change Of Heart Pt.2, Lonely World

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