Monday, 24 December 2012

Best Of 2012: #2

#2 - Enter Shikari - A Flash Flood Of Colour

I have never been more surprised by an album than this one. I love both of Enter Shikari's other albums, but when I heard their tracks Sssnakepit and Gandhi Mate, Gandhi for this album, I began to think that wasn't going to happen again. But then... both of those songs grew MASSIVELY on me (I gave the latter a 2-star rating originally, but now it would either be 4 or 5 - admittedly, it's definitely a grower) but they also pulled nine other absolutely epic tracks out of the bag to go with them. And now, we go back to January for my thoughts on the album: "This is by far the band's most listenable album - it may be heavier in parts but there are also some fantastic sing-along moments and catchy parts. It's a very rare combination but Enter Shikari have genuinely struck gold here. The lyrics do take a bit of getting used to, but sometimes they just work fantastically. Again, it's good to know that they aren't taking themselves too seriously, and they do have a very unique style to them, both musically and lyrically, which they must be given credit for in a world where the charts are dominated by everything sounding like everything else. Even if you don't like the singles and are an Enter Shikari fan, get the album. There are some massive, massive moments on here - a true masterpiece. Let it grow on you like I did, it'll be worth it. And if nothing else, you can't deny that the band have some of the greatest song titles of all time!" In addition to that, I'd like to award Warm Smiles Do Not Make You Welcome Here with my newly introduced 'guitar solo of the year' (it's gonna be a thing... seriously...). It's properly epic. So now it's Christmas Eve (at least, when this was published) and we have one more album, the greatest of this year's collection. If you follow this blog, you'll definitely have figured out which one it is. All will be revealed tomorrow for Christmas!

RECOMMEND: Search Party, Warm Smiles Do Not Make You Welcome Here, Pack Of Thieves
LOW POINTS: Sssnakepit, Stalemate

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