Thursday, 6 December 2012

Best Of 2012: #20

#20 - Example - The Evolution Of Man

I never really got into Example; I heard Kickstarts and Changed The Way You Kissed Me when they came out, but never heard an album in full. So this time I thought I'd give one a listen... how convenient for me that one was just about to come out! This is a decent album with some fantastic tunes - Say Nothing and Close Enemies will provoke mass sing-alongs, and the heavy guitar-fuelled entrance that comes with Come Taste The Rainbow (yum... Skittles!) is great, along with the rap that comes along with that same song. There are a couple too many songs on the album; as amazing as We'll Be Coming Back is, it does feel a bit like a little attachment on the end of the album proper. But generally, it's got some decent tunage. Plus, the artwork is awesome.

RECOMMEND: Come Taste The Rainbow, Say Nothing, All My Lows
LOW POINTS: Crying Out For Help, Blood From A Stone

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