Monday, 5 December 2011

Hitchcock - Running From The Sane


01. Intro
02. Don't Give Up
03. Cuban Heels
04. Homecoming
05. Remedy
06. Villain
07. Blind Side
08. Ghosts
09. Katie
10. Taking Care Of Business
11. Running From The Sane
12. Never Said A Word
13. Smack Boom
14. Hand To Hold

We have full versions of Never Said A Word, Smack Boom, Villain and Top Of The World.

Until recently, the band had the title track and Taking Care Of Business available on their Soundcloud page, but they have been removed (presumably due to the impending release of their album). If you followed One Night Only's ONO Wednesdays, Taking Care Of Business featured in one of those episodes, but all those videos have been removed from YouTube for an unknown reason.

Cuban Heels was played live.

Lastly, we have clips of Homecoming and Katie.

The album will be released 9th January.

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