Saturday, 3 December 2011

Best Of 2011: #23

#23: Kaiser Chiefs - The Future Is Medieval

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The first two Kaiser Chiefs albums were more or less instant in terms of how fast you got into them, but that trend dropped with their more recent ones. Off With Their Heads never grew on me, but this one came from being, in my eyes, a very poor album to actually being quite enjoyable. It was coupled with the nice idea with the 'make-your-own-album' stunt, which actually turned out not to be that great as it never sounded right to me. So when they released the full 13-track album, it did make it better. Highlights include opener and first single Little Shocks, the catchy When All Is Quiet, and the 80s dance-pop style Heard It Break. So even if they're not the greatest they once were, give this one a few listens - it's not bad at all!

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