Sunday, 4 December 2011

Best Of 2011: #22

#22: Mirrors - Lights And Offerings

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Some of you may remember Mumm-ra, who released one stunning album four years ago that never found itself a sequel. Instead, a chance search led me to this new band, formed by some of the former members. It's unfortunately not as good as Mumm-ra, but it's hard to compare indie-pop to the dark electronica that's all over this album. Some of it is very memorable and very catchy, but the others just seem to float by a little bit. Still, the better tracks include one of their earlier singles Into The Heart, the slightly slower track Write Through The Night, and the dancey Ways To An End. I may forget all about it in years to come, but there's still some pretty decent songs on here. But if there's any chance of a Mumm-ra reunion... No? Damn.

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