Saturday, 19 December 2009

Best Of 2009 - #25 - #21

And so begins my top 25 albums of 2009. I got a total of 29 albums this year.

Franz Ferdinand - Tonight

I wasn't impressed by this new Franz Ferdinand album. The first three tracks sounded good to me, but the rest is mostly below average for me. But I've never been an avid Franz Ferdinand fan.

Peter Doherty - Grace/Wastelands
Whilst I was instantly drawn in by fantastic single Last Of The English Roses, the album was a bit of a disappointment. There is the occasional brilliant song, such as Arcadie or Salome, but nothing really strikes me as genius here.

La Roux - La Roux
In For The Kill and Bulletproof are catchy enough, but when it comes to the album, again, nothing strikes me as fantastic. I'm Not Your Toy and Armour Love are the only other ones that interest me here.

Green Day - 21st Century Breakdown
I like pretty much all of the first act, it's Green Day being their usual brilliant selves. But beyond that, I only took a shine to Murder City and the best song on the album, 21 Guns. There are some songs here that sound good enough, but it all averages out to a 6/10 for me.

Pull Tiger Tail - PAWS.
Having been introduced to this band when they released their first load of singles: Animator, Let's Lightning, Hurricanes..., I have long been anticipating an album. So I was glad when they finally got past the problems and got this out. However, apart from the singles, For No One and It's About Destruction, I couldn't really get into this album.

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