Monday, 29 November 2010

An Introduction To Best Of 2010

Yeah, that time again. Unless a surprise album is released in December (I heard Gorillaz had plans to, but I doubt it) I have the top 25 albums I got this year (I got 28 this year, and I haven't really listened to three, so it wasn't hard picking! - Eminem's Recovery, Fenech-Soler's self titled debut record and Broken Records' Let Me Come Home were the ones I haven't got round to listening to yet - so even if one turns out to be amazing, it won't be in the list).

This is just an introduction to the countdown, as I like talking about this stuff. Sad, I know.


Overall, I was disappointed by what was released in 2010, despite there being some brilliant ones. Of the bands I knew about, a few bands whose albums I was anticipating produced some poor follow-ups compared to their last efforts (I count 4), whereas other albums that I wasn't expecting much from exceeded my expectations (I count 5).

I also took an interest in quite a few new artists' albums (I count the artists releasing debut solo records as new artists, mind) - 7, to be exact - and also discovered 6 new bands for the first time.

That makes 22 in total, so the other 3 albums in the top 25 w.ere bands I knew before and released albums that were pretty much what I was expecting.

Finally, out of 25, I discovered 14 new bands (although 2 were solo albums from bands I already knew of) and listened to 11 follow-ups that I knew were coming, not all of which were as good as I wanted them to be.

Despite 2010 being quite a bad year for the music I like, looking at my list of bands planning to release new albums in 2011 is exciting, as if most (ideally all) of these bands deliver on their next albums, 2011 is going to be hard to pick a top 25 for...

The 'Music Madness Best 25 Albums of 2010 Countdown' will begin on 1st December, with #25, working its way down until Christmas Day, revealing my favourite album of the year. I know many people will disagree with it, but I've played the songs on it a ridiculous amount of times and I'm not bored of it at all. That said, if I stuck it in with the albums of 2009, I would place it around #5 or #6. But it's 2010, and it's #1. So if you can be bothered to check which albums I enjoyed this year, check back here from December 1st to the 25th!!

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