Sunday, 4 August 2013

White Lies Revealing New Album Clips

White Lies are uploading 90-second clips of their new album over the next week, before the full release on August 12th. Every day, a new song will get the treatment. Friday saw track 1's sample - Big TV - and yesterday saw track 2 - There Goes Our Love Again. Obviously, the latter has already been released as a single, so they just linked to the full track. Today should see First Time Caller, assuming that they're doing it in tracklist order and they're not counting the "Space" interludes - as they are under 90 seconds in length! Either way, check here in the evenings over the next week to hear the clips.


  1. I know, I heard it a couple days ago though :) Won't download the leak, it's only a few days until my pre-order gets here!