Monday, 27 February 2012

Some New Twang Album Details

There has been a bit of confusion about the Twang's upcoming third album. So far we know that it is called 10:20 for sure. There has been talk of a release date of 5th March floating around, but I think we would have heard something by now if that were the case. (Could be, though). We have very low resolution versions of the artwork (view here) and also we have a tracklist:

01. Last Laugh
02. Paradise
03. We're A Crowd
04. Whoa Man
05. Guapa
06. It Ain't You
07. Take This On
08. Tomorrow
09. Wait Forever
10. Strangers

Whether any of this information is true remains to be seen, but hopefully we'll have updates for you on here if and when we get them.

UPDATE: The album has been pushed back to an autumn release.

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