Friday, 16 September 2011

Snow Patrol - Fallen Empires


01. I'll Never Let Go
02. Called Out In The Dark
03. The Weight Of Love
04. This Isn't Everything You Are
05. The Garden Rules
06. Fallen Empires
07. Berlin
08. Life-ning
09. New York
10. In The End
11. Those Distant Bells
12. The Symphony
13. The President
14. Broken Bottles Form A Star (Prelude)

The first single was Called Out In The Dark, released September 5th. The EP contained Fallen Empires, the title track from the album.

As of 16th September, seven songs have been played live: Called Out In The Dark, The Weight Of Love, This Isn't Everything You Are, The Garden Rules, Fallen Empires, New York, Those Distant Bells.

The album is out 14th November.

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