Thursday, 1 September 2011

Blog Update: Reviews

Whilst this blog is mainly to do with getting information about upcoming albums and other stuff, I like to write the occasional review, just to jot down some thoughts about the album.
I used to write track-by-track reviews, but due to lack of time to write down all that, I will only be giving a rating, shown on the Reviews tab, and maybe a short overview occasionally.

The idea behind how I rate the albums is listed below; although it won't always work!

0.5 - Utterly, utterly awful album. Will never listen to it again, will get rid of any copies I have, will wonder what possessed me to give it a go. (Never given an album this before, but there's a first time for everything)

1.0 - Awful album. Likely I bought it on the basis of one song, and that song wasn't brilliant to begin with. Will never listen to it again.

1.5 - A very bad album. Maybe has one or two very small redeeming qualities, but unlikely to be heard again.

2.0 - Not a good album. Showed potential at some point, and may have a few good songs, but won't get much beyond 2 or 3 listens.

2.5 - Average. Enjoyed parts of it, but replay value is limited, or maybe just half the songs are good, half of them are bad.

3.0 - Reasonable. Has sparks of greatness, but for the most part, fails to really stick.

3.5 - Good. Enjoyable listening, but has nothing jaw-dropping or particularly stunning. One or two tracks lacking.

4.0 - Very good. I give this rating and above only when I like every song, but at this level, there's nothing that will have me repeating the album for years to come, but I enjoy it for the most part, and will probably play it a lot until it gets boring.

4.5 - Excellent. Could play it for many years to come and it wouldn't get boring. Songs are great to listen to, and probably has some fantastic moments.

5.0 - Outstanding. Every song is great, and if I had to pick just one to listen to, all of them would be contenders; there are none that I'd think about skipping for even a second. I give this rating more than most reviewers, and mostly for albums that reviewers wouldn't dare give full marks, but there are just some albums I can't fault in terms of what I like listening to.

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