Saturday, 25 June 2011

Hard-Fi - Killer Sounds


01. Good For Nothing
02. Fire In The House
03. Give It Up
04. Bring It On
05. Feels Good
06. Stop
07. Stay Alive
08. Excitement
09. Love Song
10. Sweat
11. Killer Sounds

The album will be released on 22nd August.

The first single, Good For Nothing, is out digitally now.
The second single, Fire In The House, is due out 15th August.

Along with the two singles mentioned above, the songs Give It Up, Bring It On, Stay Alive, Love Song and Sweat are being played at the band's current live shows.

Give It Up was performed for a Radio 1 session a few weeks ago, but the video has since been removed and I can't find a copy. Similarly, Love Song and Stay Alive were performed on The Album Chart Show a while ago which was at some point available on 4oD, but again I can't find a copy now.

Go here to listen to a 60-second preview of Bring It On.

Feels Good has been featured in the band's podcasts, as have Sweat and Killer Sounds to a lesser extent. (Links: Podcast 26 for Sweat and Killer Sounds (note that this was two years ago so the songs may have drastically changed), and Podcast 30 for Feels Good.

That just leaves the songs Stop and Excitement as ones we don't know about. The tracks This Weekend and Daffodils seem to have failed to make the grade (unless they were renamed) but we knew nothing about them anyway.

EDIT (12/07/11): Here is a sampler.

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