Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Lots Of Lovely New Albums...

Some various news for some upcoming albums:

White Lies (second album due out 17th January): The album is now set to have 10 tracks, not 11 as previously reported. There are now nine song titles; five of which we've heard from live versions (Bigger Than Us, Holy Ghost, Strangers, Street Lights and Is Love) and four unheard as of yet (Peace And Quiet, Turn The Bells, The Power And The Glory and Come Down). Peace And Quiet has been described as a massive departure from the normal White Lies sound, and The Power And The Glory as an 80s-influenced electro epic song.

Snow Patrol (sixth album expected mid-2011): The new album is set to have a massive electronic influence, according to various sources.

Elbow (fifth album expected mid-2011): Their new record has been described as bigger in some aspects and yet subtler in others. Frontman Guy Garvey believes it will not have the same commercial impact as their previous album, The Seldom Seen Kid.

Hadouken! (potential third album due out next year): A new song has been confirmed to get its first airing sometime in October/November. Rumours about a third album have not yet been confirmed or denied, but on the band's MySpace page, you can see "The next chapter coming soon," so it may be true after all!

Ladytron (fifth album expected sometime next year): Aside from a compilation featuring two new songs to be released late 2010, Ladytron have been working on their fifth album; however not much is known about it.

Hard-Fi (third album expected early 2011): Not much known about this, apart from five song titles: Sweat, Killer Sounds, Bring It On, Give It Up and Feels Good. Their Rockin' The City podcasts have samples of Sweat (here) and Feels Good (here). Also, here's a sample of Bring It On.

Pet Shop Boys: No new album, but a compilation "Ultimate" is set to be released November 2010. It will include a new song, "Together".

The View (third album expected early 2011): Not much news about this other than it has been recorded. Two songs are known: Underneath The Lights and Tragic Magic.

And last but certainly not least:
The Pigeon Detectives (third album expected early 2011): The new album has been recorded, but absolutely no other information as far as I can see.

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