Sunday, 15 August 2010

Single Review: One Night Only - Say You Don't Want It

Artist: One Night Only
Single: Say You Don't Want It
From the album One Night Only

In a word... wow. I thought their first album had some good songs, and I liked all of them, but nothing jumped out at me as amazing. This, on the other hand, when I first heard it on Radio 1, jumped at me immediately. There is an instant and huge change recognisable in the band's sound, and they have improved to the extent that it's almost unbelievable. This song boasts an incredibly catchy chorus, which I found I was singing along to without realising a few minutes later. I cannot find fault with it, personally, and if this is a sign of things to come on their new album, I reckon I could be in for one of the best listens of the year.


These reviews have not been written by a professional reviewer, but they are instead my own opinions on the songs released. Details may not be as well researched, and I have no access to press releases, etc. to help me judge the quality of the album. I am just an amateur writer and music fan.

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