Monday, 16 August 2010

Single Review: Klaxons - Echoes

Artist: Klaxons
Song: Echoes
From the album Surfing The Void

The first single off the new Klaxons album is brilliant, in short. The first note of the song contains so much power; the whole song flows wonderfully, with a massive chorus and all instruments in the song making themselves known. This is better than anything off their first album, and I thought the first album was very good. The band's crazy lyrics clearly haven't taken a turn for the worse ("Echoes, from the other world, turn horizons into endless ever-present echoes...). The sound may be pretty much the same as the first album, but I can't criticise that, really. So all in all, a fantastic first single. With this and Flashover, I look forward to getting my copy of Surfing The Void.


These reviews have not been written by a professional reviewer, but they are instead my own opinions on the songs released. Details may not be as well researched, and I have no access to press releases, etc. to help me judge the quality of the album. I am just an amateur writer and music fan.

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