Thursday, 11 April 2013

Editors Tease New Album

Editors' frontman, Tom Smith, has posted eleven pictures on Twitter - these consist of lyrics from the band's upcoming fourth album. It is speculated that he just posted in order of the tracklist, and judging from the videos they posted while recording, and what we've already heard, this is what we have.

01. The Weight Of Your Love
02. Sugar
03. A Ton Of Love
04. What Is This Thing Called Love?
05. Honesty
06. Nothing
07. Formaldehyde
08. Hyena
09. Two Hearted Spider
10. The Sting
11. Bird Of Prey

Tracks 8 and 10 are the ones I'm unsure of. The lyric 'the world looks so ridiculous to me' was used in a song that we haven't heard live (but in the recording videos) so it was either Hyena or The Phone Book (the latter of which I'm told is an acoustic song, which this is not). We've already heard track 10 (The Sting) but it didn't have the lyric 'I'm the ribs in your chest' - however, Tom also posted that The Sting was sounding awesome; and it's unlikely that it wouldn't have made the cut - therefore, I'm guessing it's track 10. All the others I'm fairly sure of. Even if three of the first four tracks end in the word 'love'.

But, then again, this is pure speculation. Details on the album are suspected to be released soon - the album has two potential titles; "The Weight Of Your Love" and "Every Conversation Within You". It is also suspected to be released early July. But, again, there is no concrete information - they're getting very good at teasing!

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