Thursday, 27 September 2012

The Twang - 10:20


01. Neptune
02. Mainline
03. We're A Crowd
04. Take This On
05. Last Laugh
06. Beer, Wine And Sunshine
07. Paradise
08. Whoa Man
09. Tomorrow
10. It Ain't You
11. Guapa
12. Strangers

The album will be released on October 29th. It has spawned several songs already - Guapa and Whoa Man were released on the Guapa EP in February of last year; Paradise was released as a free download in August last year; We're A Crowd was a single earlier this year; and Mainline is the most recent single.

The album was originally set to be released on March 5th this year, but after further sessions, the album seems to have gained three tracks - Neptune, Mainline and Beer, Wine And Sunshine - and lost one (Wait Forever).


  1. Does anyone have a download link to the album?...