Saturday, 12 May 2012

Hadouken! New Album Rumours

There are a couple rumours floating about regarding the new Hadouken! album - firstly, that it will be released on September 24th - can't find anything to back that up, so take that with a pinch of salt! Secondly, there is a tracklist, but I don't think the band have finished the album yet, nor do I think Mecha Love and Oxygen will be on there... Still, here's the "tracklist". More pinches of salt needed.

1. Vessel
2. Parasite
3. Mecha Love
4. Oxygen
5. Comedown
6. Bliss Out
7. Daylight
8. Levitate
9. Bad Signal
10. As One

Aside from the unlikely inclusion of Mecha Love and Oxygen, Parasite has been released as a single; Vessel, Levitate, Bad Signal and As One were all played on their April UK tour, and I have heard clips of the songs Comedown, Bliss Out and Daylight, so it is a plausible tracklist, but I wouldn't count on it. When it is all confirmed, we'll have it up here on the blog.

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