Saturday, 7 January 2012

Preview Given To The Wild

If you can't wait for two more days to hear the Maccabees' new album, Given To The Wild, there are 30-second previews of all 13 tracks up on the Universal Music website, available here.

And if you've been following the XFM(the Mary Anne Hobbs show) and Radio 1 (the Zane Lowe show) 'Album of the Week' features, you will have heard these songs (if you haven't, go to the 'listen again' features on the respective websites and go to the times given):

Child (Monday, XFM, 1:26:04)
Glimmer (Wednesday, Radio 1, 1:24:04)
Forever I've Known (Tuesday, Radio 1, 1:48:22)
Went Away (Thursday, Radio 1, 1:55:48)
Grew Up At Midnight (Wednesday, XFM, 1:29:12)

Pelican and Feel To Follow were also played on both shows, but they have been released.

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