Monday, 28 February 2011

Single Review: Elbow - Neat Little Rows

Single: Neat Little Rows
Artist: Elbow
From the album Build A Rocket Boys!

This is the first single off Elbow's upcoming fifth album, Build A Rocket Boys!, due out March 7th. I can't say I'm a great Elbow fan; The Seldom Seen Kid was a fantastic album but the others do nothing for me. On first listen to this, I feared that this would not be for me. A few listens later and I find myself humming the tune in my head. As a whole, it's a fairly standard first single, maybe not the sort of thing you'd hear regularly on radio - it's no Grounds For Divorce or One Day Like This. But they should be commended for this, not following their breakthrough album with some of the same. I may be more interested in Seldom Seen Kid-style anthems but this is decent enough. It's definitely a grower, but from iTunes previews and versions of Lippy Kids and Jesus Is A Rochdale Girl floating about on the internet, I can't wait to hear the album.

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