Friday, 18 October 2013

New One Night Only Album Details?

Well, since there's been nothing that resembles news for several weeks, why not a little bit of speculation? Rumours are that One Night Only's third album is called Where The Sleepless Go, and this is the tracklist:

    I'm The Sun
    When You Call
    Can't Cure My Appetite
    Got Its Charms
    Luck That Keeps You Guessing
    Get Around To It
    Talk You Down
    Paper Trail

Other things to note:
- No sign of Games, a song that was supposed to be released earlier this year but never turned up (but sounded incredible live - so it would be disappointing if it never surfaced!)
- Other songs that were indicated to be on the new album were called The Bittersweet, Ties We're Bound To and Night On Earth; these were taken from the same source - although Can't Cure My Appetite was also on this early list - so maybe (if this is true) the other songs got renamed... or there are a lot of B-sides out there!
- 13 songs seems like it might be a bit too much, but it's not like no one ever released a 13 track album before.
- The album is supposed to be less of the straightforward but epic pop of the last album, and more experimental... but time will tell.
- The album is slated for release in March/April 2014.

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